Workout Tips for a Girl on the Go

6th September 2017

I like to think that I stay pretty healthy. I eat fairly well, workout at the gym as much as possible even though I do still like to have alcoholic drinks moderately regularly.

With that being said, I also work full time, take care of a three bedroomed house, a boyfriend and two dogs so sometimes I am a little tired and cannot dedicate as much time as I would like to the gym.

BUT, I do still do mini workouts wherever I go because it’s so easy to just do a little something rather than abandoning the cause all together.

Here are my top little things to do to sneak in a little workout on the go:

#1 Take the stairs

This tip is so simple and yet people STILL don’t do it! If you work on floor eight or below, always take the stairs! It’s really not that far and it won’t be too much effort because it’s such an easy thing to do.

#2 Squeeze your but at your desk

If you have a desk job, I always recommend standing up every couple of hours to get your legs stretched and ensure your posture and circulation isn’t getting too bad. Another good thing to do at your desk is to just squeeze your glutes together to tense them up, hold them their for a few seconds and then release. Do this for about 10 minutes every day and watch your bum grow!

#3 Walk to work

I live quite close to where my work is based but it is still a 3 mile walk each way. To put that into perspective though, it only takes me around 50 minutes to get from my front door to in front of my computer. Some people waste that same amount of time waiting for a bus or train and travelling a short distance. It’s so easy to just walk work to get in those extra steps and that extra workout.

#4 Take 15 minutes for HIIT

Everyone has a spare 15 minutes in the day. If you don’t you need to re-prioritise and get your life a bit more organised. Instead of looking at your phone for 15 minutes when you first wake up in the morning, find an open spaces and do a short HIIT workout to get your day started. 15 minutes of exercise is nothing and can help get your brain awake, help boost your mood and help re-energise your body.

So that’s my top four tips for little workouts on the go for a busy girl. These take barely any effort whatsoever and you won’t really need to readjust your life at all.

As a personal trainer, I would still recommend making time for a 60 minute workout at least twice a week to maintain an active lifestyle, but if you genuinely don’t have the time one day, give one of these exercise tips a go.

Let me know how you get on with these in the comments!

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