Why I Will Always Choose Air BnB Over Hotels

4th February 2017

It’s no secret that travelling is becoming more and more expensive for services and accommodation that are sub-par. In the past few years, I’ve been charged ridiculous amounts of money for low-rated and low-ranked hotels that have just been an overall disappointment.

Air BnB isn’t a new phenomenon, in fact the company has been a thing since 2008 and has grown an incredible amount over the decade it’s been in operation. The idea was founded when two guys just wanted to make a few extra bucks because they couldn’t afford their rents, they put an air bed in their living room and the rest is history.

The premise is simple – flat/home owners rent out their properties to travellers when they’re not living there. You book it online, pick up the keys and their home is your home for however long you’ve agreed to.

I love Air BnB because it’s just works out so much cheaper than hotels where you’re paying over the odds for room cleaning, restaurant service (even if you don’t use the restaurant!), recepetion staff and basically everything that keeps a hotel running.

Air BnB eliminates all these costs because it’s just someone’s home that you are borrowing while you travel. The quality of these places is often much better because it is someone’s home and they genuinely care about the state that it is in. It provides a home away from home feel and you can get really comfortable while you are on your journey.

They often work out a fair bit cheaper too. I once stayed in a hotel in Dublin, 15 minutes bus from the centre in 3* accommodation and it cost me £60 per night for ONE person. It was a shabby hotel that looked run-down at best. This year, I am travelling with my sisters to Dublin again and we have booked an apartment on Air BnB for just £90 per night for three people, it’s right in the city centre and is a really cute apartment close to all the nightlife. That is a ridiculous comparison for the quality that I’m sure we’ll be getting with our Air BnB host.

Another thing that’s so great about Air BnB is the uniqueness of every accommodation. With hotels, you pretty much always know what you’re going to get and it’s slim pickings for much originality in hotel rooms. With Air BnB there are some crazy cool options all over the world.

You can rent treehouses in the jungle, mountain-side condos in LA or cutesy cottages in the English countryside. There really are some amazing choices that are a once in a lifetime opportunity to stay in.

So, next time you’re looking at booking a trip away, see if Air BnB have something for you, I bet they will! Give them a go and step outside of your hotel room comfort zone, it may change your travelling experience forever! It doesn’t matter where you’re going, there are thousands of locations to choose from with plenty of options for the type of accommodation.

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