Travelling in Europe – The Best Bits

21st January 2017

As a native European, I have a lot of love for the diverse and colourful continent. Brexit aside, the countries that we share this bond with are beautiful and easily accessible (for now).

I’m lucky enough to have travelled a fair bit in Europe throughout the years. The close proximity means that I’m never really too far from discovering a whole new culture. Some trips can take less than an hour and have been some of my favourite trips to date.

Check out some highlight of what to do and where to go in Europe to make the most out of the continent.

The Best for Nightlife

Europe is the mecca for wild nights out, cheap booze and incredible live music. From clubs to bars to gigs, there is no end to amazing places to party in Europe.

Berlin was a personal favourite of mine as it was so different to the nightlife culture in the UK. They’re big on massive clubs and exclusive atmospheres and it’s sometimes really hard to get into the place that you really want to go. However, when you do manage to get through the elusive doors it’s a really theatrical night out. Big laser shows with an underground vibe are the name of the game in Berlin and I am all for it.

It’s a rite of passage these days to go on a wild, blow-out holiday when you turn 18. I, of course, partook in this tradition and took an all-inclusive holiday to Malia on the Greek Island of Crete when I was just past my 18th birthday. It was crazy. Lots of British people, one long strip and really cheap drinks deals. It had a similar vibe to British nightlife as that is who the town caters for, but it’s sometimes nice to go on a night out in balmy temperatures and then spend the next day sat by the pool.

The Best for Culture

I love going away and being able to soak up a whole new world of culture. Every city has a story to tell and I love that I can travel for such a short time and find out all about a different way of life. Istanbul is a grey area for continent but I’m including it on here because I do what I want. It has an Asian vibe but is very accessible to Europeans due to its proximity. The city is beautiful with so many stunning buildings left over from the Ottoman Empire. Plus, with it being predominantly a muslim country, it’s a fair culture shock to hear the call to prayer and see how other people live.

The Best for Families

I am very privileged to have been brought up in a fairly affluent family and enjoyed many trips with them over the years. A constant favourite of ours has always been Portugal as it is very friendly to tourists and has a great climate. There’s plenty to do when you’re young and plenty to do when you get a little older, it’s really great for getting the family together and bonding a little bit.

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