The Cheapest Alcohol with the Best Taste

18th December 2017

I am a sucker for cheap alcohol. I am so far from an alcohol snob that I’m perfectly happy to drink Lambrini out of a wine glass and have that be my drink of choice for the entire evening. I always go for the cheapest wine at a restaurant and I always go to bargain shops to look for cheap-brand alternatives to the big names. Trust me, there are a lot of knock offs out there.

So I decided to an investigation to find out how different these knock offs taste and the difference in price to let you guys know what it is you should be buying if you want the cheapest alcohol with the best taste.

Rum – Malibu

I LOVE Malibu, it’s coconutty, sweet and somehow feels thick and syrupoy which makes making drinks with it so much better as it gives everything the consistency of a cocktail.

That being said, I don’t drink it that often because, for the price, it’s definitely low down on my list of preferences. However, I went to Home Bargains and spotted Kokomo, which is technically a liqueur but with a rum base, and it’s coconut flavoured. It tastes exactly the same and is only around £6 for a litre.

Herbal Alcohol – Jagermeister

Jager is the ultimate student drink. There isn’t anyone in the country, under the age of 35 who hasn’t pounded multiple jagerbombs in a row on a night out. But, it’s no secret that they are pretty price for a small drink and that is because Jager is expensive as hell.

Me and my uni flatmates managed to find a similar alternative in B&M for around half the price. It’s not exactly the same as Messer Schmitt is a herbal schnapps drink rather than a herbal liqueur, but when you’re pounding it for the banter, it doesn’t really matter and it tastes super similar anyway.

Fizzy Wine – Prosecco

This is where me and my girlfriends always fall out. They say prosecco is prosecco and there is no alternative because it is what it is. But, sometimes, I’m not in the mood for prosecco. I have to have a certain feeling if I want to drink fizzy stuff with no real taste.

That’s where Lambrini comes in. Yes, I am partial to a bottle of Lambrini every now and again. I think it’s gets a really unfair rap because it’s so cheap and it’s common to see the homeless drinking it early in the morning, but if you throw your prejudice aside fr just a second and actually try it, you’ll see that it’s actually really tasty!

It also comes in loads of fun flavours now too. Like cherry, peach, strawberry, blueberry and grape. Of course, it doesn’t taste exactly like prosecco because it is a sparkling perry wine, which means it’s base is in pears, but the original flavour is the same colour, it’s fizzy and it tastes good, so stop being a snob!

They’re my top three cheap alternatives to big brand alcohol, of course, I’ve plenty more stored up, let me know if you want more of them! And let me know what your favourite cheap alcohol is to drink, I’m always looking for new ones to try!

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