The Best Fake Tan to Buy

4th March 2018

I am so guilty of painting myself orange nearly every day in order to not be as day-glo white that is my natural skin colour. Unfortunately, I’m not yet rich enough to have a constant natural glow from days spent sunbathing at the beach. I only get four weeks holiday a year and many of that is used for necessary odd days here and there.

So, it falls on the bottle to make sure I don’t terrify children with my vampire-like skin tone. I did use the sunbeds for a little while, but the risk of skin cancer is too great just to have a bit of a tan. I like to think I’m pretty well versed in fake tan now, I have been using it for around eight years and have tried nearly every brand out there in my search for perfection.

Here is my rundown of the best brands to buy for every budget.


My absolute, all time favourite tan is actual a budget brand. St Moritz is the lower end version of St Tropez, a much more expensive, luxury brand. But I just the love it’s colour and application. I always go for the foam in dark, as it doesn’t go too streaky and it also doesn’t go too dark. I buy a decent quality application mitt and just pump it straight onto that before rubbing it in in circles on my body.

Another great budget tan is Superdrug’s own brand, Solait. Again, I go for foam as I always think that formula creates the best effect with the least streaks. The Superdrug brand does tend to go off quicker, and we all know that when fake tan goes out of date, it takes on a really unnattractive green hue.


Mid-range fake tans, to tell you the truth, are my least favourite. They aren’t cheap enough to warrant not being the best quality but they’re expensive enough to have an expectation of quality that is not delivered.

Even with that being said, there are still some that I like. For example, Garnier’s Ambre Solaire dry body mist is great for tanning quickly on the go. If you want a quick fix when you’re heading out during the day then a spritz of this is perfect to top up your leg tan.

I’m also a sucker for anything Benefit, so when they brought out their Hoola Zero Tanlines, I was all over it. I love the Hoola bronzer so I knew I’d be into this too. It smells gorgeous and doesn’t leave any streaks. It is however a cream formula, which is not a big favourite of mine, it will do though.

Top End

I’m not going to lie, I’ve only used these fake tans a couple of times as they are super expensive and are a very special ‘treat yourself’ product. Because of this, I’m only going to put the two that I have used in these and they were given to me as gifts and I’ve never bought these myself.

Xen-Tan Transformation Ultra is an amazing product that you don’t need to apply and then sit for hours while it develops. You apply it, leave it on for 45 minutes and then you can shower. Even after washing it off, it continues to develop for the next ten hours. It’s pricey at £50, but it’s great as a treat.

The next top end fake tan that I’ve used is La Mer’s Face and Body Gradual Tan. It is a buildable product that can be applied daily and is super easy to use. It’s also delicate on the skin so you don’t have the risk of breakout or pore clogging.

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