Date Night Essentials
Dates , Lifestyle / 13th May 2017

Date night is different for everyone. The essentials for each couples date night will obviously vary slightly, but it all depends on what you will be doing and the person that you’re with. My date night essentials are perfect for me, and I like to think that I’ve perfected what I need to be taking around and about when me and my man hit the town for some quality time.bonding together. What to Wear As I’m sure we’re all aware now as modern people of today’s world, everyone should wear whatever the hell they want and feel comfortable doing so. Whether you love to get dressed up or are all about the casual wear, you should never feel pressured to wear anything, especially by your partner or your date. That being said, I’m a sucker for the traditional and I believe you make at least a little bit of effort when you’re trying to impress a potential partner. These will obviously depend on the activity that you’re partaking in for your date but I will mainly go for these three staple outfits when on date night: Slinky, sexy dress The perfect LBD does exist, you just have to try on…

The Path to Success Isn’t Always Smooth
Lifestyle , Professional / 1st April 2017

I’ve had my fair share of ups and downs career wise. I guess it’s because I never truly knew what I wanted to do with my life, I had some whims and fancies along the way but there was never truly anything that I felt I was destined to do. For example, my sister is super creative and was always the artistic one of the family, but she’s also super smart. It just made sense that she would end up doing something artsy but requiring a logical brain, that’s how she ended up as an interior architect. For me, I was averagely smart with no outstanding talent whatsoever (really bigging myself up here, as you can tell). As a child, I was always into animals and did think for a long time about becoming a vet, before learning that science is really not my strong point, being allergic to most animals with fur was also a major downside to this. A Venture Into The Media During my GCSEs, I did develop a keen interest in Media and Film Studies, but looking back I imagine this was because I just really liked watching TV Shows and Films. I also dabbled a…

Adopting A Rescue Dog
Dogs , Lifestyle / 26th March 2017

I have always wanted a dog. Every birthday and every Christmas, I would sneak ‘puppy’ onto my list in the vain hope that my parents would have magically changed their mind about their strict no dogs rule. We had a couple of cats for a little while, rodents were a common pet for a bit and I was permitted to have a snake and a lizard, but dogs were always out of the question. When I moved to Liverpool for university, I promised myself that I would get a dog, but it never materialised due to being so busy. And then, I met my current partner. He had adopted a Staffordshire Bull Terrier about a year after I met him (we weren’t together at the time) and whenever I visited, I loved that this beefy dog was so loving and so gentle. IT definitely enforced my philosophy of ‘adopt, don’t shop’ and I knew that when the time came, I too would be adopting and not buying a puppy. Fast forward to last year, I was living with my partner and his rescue dog and we decided that the time was right to bring another four-legged friend into our home….

Why I Will Always Choose Air BnB Over Hotels
Lifestyle , Travel / 4th February 2017

It’s no secret that travelling is becoming more and more expensive for services and accommodation that are sub-par. In the past few years, I’ve been charged ridiculous amounts of money for low-rated and low-ranked hotels that have just been an overall disappointment. Air BnB isn’t a new phenomenon, in fact the company has been a thing since 2008 and has grown an incredible amount over the decade it’s been in operation. The idea was founded when two guys just wanted to make a few extra bucks because they couldn’t afford their rents, they put an air bed in their living room and the rest is history. The premise is simple – flat/home owners rent out their properties to travellers when they’re not living there. You book it online, pick up the keys and their home is your home for however long you’ve agreed to. I love Air BnB because it’s just works out so much cheaper than hotels where you’re paying over the odds for room cleaning, restaurant service (even if you don’t use the restaurant!), recepetion staff and basically everything that keeps a hotel running. Air BnB eliminates all these costs because it’s just someone’s home that you are…

Travelling in Europe – The Best Bits
Lifestyle , Travel / 21st January 2017

As a native European, I have a lot of love for the diverse and colourful continent. Brexit aside, the countries that we share this bond with are beautiful and easily accessible (for now). I’m lucky enough to have travelled a fair bit in Europe throughout the years. The close proximity means that I’m never really too far from discovering a whole new culture. Some trips can take less than an hour and have been some of my favourite trips to date. Check out some highlight of what to do and where to go in Europe to make the most out of the continent. The Best for Nightlife Europe is the mecca for wild nights out, cheap booze and incredible live music. From clubs to bars to gigs, there is no end to amazing places to party in Europe. Berlin was a personal favourite of mine as it was so different to the nightlife culture in the UK. They’re big on massive clubs and exclusive atmospheres and it’s sometimes really hard to get into the place that you really want to go. However, when you do manage to get through the elusive doors it’s a really theatrical night out. Big laser…

Finding The Right Skincare Routine for You
Cosmetics , Lifestyle / 11th December 2016

Taking care of your skin is so important, and yet people still neglect to pay proper attention to the biggest organ of their body. Your face is what you present to the world and some people are fine with the bare minimum that really isn’t giving it the love it needs. I often find that it’s men who neglect their skin the most, citing it as something too girly and unnecessary for them and their testosterone. This is wrong! Guys, you should take care of your skin, regardless of how ‘feminine’ you think it is. Anyway, it’s important to make sure you’re doing the right things for your skin. Skincare isn’t a one-size-fits-all thing. Literally everyone should have different products and routines because everyone’s skin is different. Here is what you need to do to find out what you should be using. Asses Your Skin Type There are three main types of skin: dry, oily and combination. They speak for themselves so you shouldn’t really need them explaining. If you find your skin feels tight after a hot wash or if you get patches of scaly skin on your face, your skin will be a dry type. If you find…

Staple Bags You Need in Your Wardrobe
Lifestyle , Social / 19th November 2016

Us girls know that no outfit is complete until we had a little bag to hold all of our essentials. Unlike men, we don’t get the luxury of super deep pockets in all of our jeans, our dresses and skirts don’t seem to think we need to carry things and don’t get me started on the ridiculous size of jacket pockets in women’s jackets. And so, we need bags. I’m really not complaining though, I love a good bag and it really can help to finish off an outfit and make it look pulled together and complete. Not all bags are created equal though and sometimes it can be hard to decided whether you should go for a tote, a rucksack, a cross body or a classic. It all depends on what you plan on doing with said bag and the outfit that you’re wearing. Nevertheless, these are the types of bags that you should always have handy, these can be paired with most outfits and should be a staple in everyone’s wardrobe. Rucksack The trusty rucksack has been a staple for decades with good reason. Being able to sling a back onto your shoulders and pretty much forget about…