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20th November 2016

Like the name Pretty Social suggests, I am… pretty social. I love a chat and I’ve been so blessed to meet so many amazing people on my journey through life. I just love that everyone has a story to tell and everyone has their own view of the world. That’s what makes humans great and that’s why we should keep faith in our own species.

I actively encourage people to get in touch with me to discuss anything and everything about life. Whether it be something you’ve seen on my blog, something you WANT to see on my blog or just something you want to get off your chest. I 100% want to hear about it.

I’m also open to CONSTRUCTIVE criticism. I’m not a website designer, I’m not a developer, I’m not a guru for anything. I’m just a girl, sat at a keyboard, asking you to validate my existence. I’m not great at auditing my site, so if you see anything that’s amiss, please let me know!

get in touch

If you think there’s a way I can make this whole thing better, please let me know!

If you think I’m an ugly bastard who should crawl into the river Mersey, please DON’T let me know. I am a very real human behind this screen and I’d like you to take that into account when you send me a message or comment on any of my posts. I’m just trying to express myself by doing what I love. If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all.

Other than that, I can’t wait to hear from you! The contact form below comes straight to my email inbox and I will try and pick it up and reply as soon as possible, if for some reason it’s broken, you can email me at hblogs2@gmail.com. I do work full time so I’ll try and sneak a look in between putting out fires, but be aware most of my replies will come at evening and weekends!

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