My Obsession with Candles has Gone too Far

9th August 2017

Is there anything better than coming home after a hard day at work, getting into your jammies and curling up with a glass of wine in a cosy home? There really isn’t anything better and I’ve always known that candles are a key factor in making a house feel homely.

I’ve always had candles in my room, ever since I moved out of my shared bedroom with my sister and finally got my own space.

I’ve moved homes several time since them but one thing has always stayed constant: my candles. Several candles in every room are a must and I dread to think how much I actually spend on these per month. Nowadays, if I don’t get home and light a candle straight away, my partner thinks there is something wrong with me. Yes, it’s really that bad.

Candles for Your Living Room

Candles for your living room are an absolute imperative. Chances are, it’s the room where you spend the most of your time and it needs to feel like it’s cosy and comfortable so that you yourself feel cosy and comfortable.

My candles are set up like this: five in front of the electric fireplace, two on either end of the mantelpiece, one on a shelf, one on a side table, one in a lantern on the bookcase and one in a candle holder on the coffee table.

Now can you understand why I think my obsession has gone too far? That’s eleven candles in one room. Some might think that’s excessive, but when you see the atmosphere it creates, I’m sure you’ll disagree.

You should always go for candles to match your room theme, that goes for smell as well as colour. My living room has burnt orange walls and a Moroccan vibe so we stick to warm coloured candles with spicy scents. We tend to stay away from floral for this room.

Candles for Your Bedroom

Candles for your bedroom are a lot more personal as it’s a very intimate room (for obvious reasons). That’s why you need to consider the scent to be more alluring than something that you would want to smell all over your house.

I really like having a soft floral with fruit infused flavours in the bedroom, me and my partner both really like those smells and by confining the smell to just one room means we always associate that with being with each other.

Candles for Your Bathroom

Candles for your bathroom need to be super strong (for obvious reasons), basically, my philosophy is anything goes in the bathroom as long as it can overpower any other bathroom-related smells.

If, like me, you have a toilet and bath in the same room, you may want to use a slightly softer scent for when you’re actually relaxing and taking a bath. Citrus flavours will invoke feelings of cleanliness and freshness so go for a lemon, lime or orange scented candle in here.

Candles for Your Dining Room

I have to say, dining room candles are very low on my priority. We mainly use the dining room for, well, dining and eating and playing board games, so it’s rare that we spent any elongated amount of time in here.

When we do have a romantic, candlelit dinner on the odd occasion, we keep the candle scents to an absolute minimum so as to not overpower the aroma of the food. Plain or vanilla candles are best for this.

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