How to Find the Perfect Holiday Package

21st January 2018

Holidays are the thing I look forward to every year. Whether I’m going abroad to an exotic beach, exploring a city, or just getting to know my homeland better, it’s so exciting to get away from work and responsibilities and just relax and enjoy myself.

As I don’t get too many holiday days with work, it’s so important that I get the right holiday package and that it is going to be one that I enjoy and that isn’t going to break the bank.

As I’ve been travelling my whole life and panning my own trips since I was 16, I like to think I’ve got how to find the perfect holiday package down to a T.

Decide What Type of Holiday You Want

In my experience, there are four main types of holiday: relax, explore, adventure and chill. When deciding what type of holiday you want, you have to think about several things like who it is you’re going with, what you plan on doing while you’re there and how far you’re willing to go.

Relaxing holidays are the ones where you’re either on your own or with a partner and you just want to sit on a beach or by the pool and truly just take some time for yourselves and not think about anything too strenuous. You may get up once in a while to visit the town, but on the whole, you’re there to do nothing but soak up the sun.

Exploring holidays are done in an exciting city, with lots to see and learn about. Ancient cities like Rome or cities with lots of modern history like Berlin are amazing for exploring holidays as the history that is contained in those cities is really fascinating.

Adventure holidays are some of my favourite type of holidays, these often include a lot of daring activities like uad biking, cliff jumping, safaris etc. Anything that gets your heart pulsing.

Chill holidays are a mix of all of these and are sometimes the best option if you are going in a big group or with family.

Decide Where to Go

This can be a big question for most people as most people don’t know where they want to go when they decide to go on holiday. Look at you budget and you can pretty much guarantee that the further the destination the more expensive it will be because of the flights.

For relaxing holidays with a beach I’ve always had a great time in Turkey. The resorts always seem so safe and friendly towards British tourists so that’s my pick of where to go for that. For exploring, cities are the way to go. Rome was my favourite as there is a great mix of history and modern culture. They’ve blended a metropolis with ancient history so well so you should definitely try that city one time.

Adventure is found in the strangest of places, for me it was in South Africa on a gap year trip, where I flew out on my own and met up with a group of other teenagers to stay on a game reserve by Kruger. Safaris, bridge swings, animal tracking and shooting. It really was the trip of a lifetime and I am SO grateful for that experience.

For chills, I try and stick local. That is, Scotland, Wales, Ireland, Northern Ireland and England. I’m heading to Dublin soon and I’m excited to have a bit of everything so close by while I spend time with my sisters and mum.

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