Easy Ways to Save Your Change

15th November 2017

Growing up in a middle class household, I never really stressed too much about money. Sure, I always wanted more and sometimes I would throw a paddy because I couldn’t afford lots of new clothes on my papergirl wage, but on the whole we lived in a nice house, went on regular holidays and I was oblivious to what adult life was going to throw at me.

Then, I went to University and personal finance problems ht me like a tonne of bricks. Student loan wasn’t enough to live in, I barely made anything at my once fortnightly bartending shift and between getting trans and food and going out, I was not very well off at all.

I took a lot of advice from my mum and dad and by third year, I got the whole being financially responsible thing down pretty well. Now I’ve got a decent job, it’s easier than ever to be comfortable with my money.

Here are the way that I found were best to save little amounts of change over a long amount of time to really help make things easier on you financially.

Shop at the Cheap Supermarket

It doesn’t matter where you buy your apple from. It’s still an apple. If you’re on hard times and need to cut costs wherever necessary, don’t get too hung up on buying organic, ethically sourced produce, it’s just going to cost you an arm and a leg more.

Go to Aldi or Lidl for the best deals and give up going to MArks & Spencers and Waitrose. Even Tesco isn’t that cheap anymore and you can find loads of great deals at Asda these days.

Shop around to find the store closest to you that had the best deals.

Sell DVDs and CDs

Let’s be honest. You 100% don’t listen to your CDs anymore. Who does? And DVDs are slowly becoming obsolete too. Time to declutter the house and make a bit of money while you do it.

Sites like Musicmagpie don’t give you a fortune for DVDs that you may have spent more than £30 on, but something is better than nothing and it can all help towards totting up little bits of change to make a big amount.

Their site is really easy to use too and nowadays you can even just scan the barcode straight from your smartphone to add an item to your basket.

Do the 1p Money Saving Challenge

How much money do you spend in a day? £20? £50? £3? The 1p money saving challenge is a viral savings idea that I’ve been putting into practice recently. The idea is pretty simple, every day, you save 1p more than the day before, starting at 1p.

So on day1 you would save 1p, day 2 you would save 2p, day 3 3p and so on and so forth. The maximum you’ll ever have to put away is £3.65 which is less than the price of a takeaway and by the end of the year you’ll have nearly £700!

Do you have any other great ways to save money? I know there are loads out there! Let me know how you do it!

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