Designing My Perfect Dressing Room

24th July 2017

I am very lucky at the moment that the house that I live in is very spacious for me, my partner and our two dogs. So spacious in fact, that I have a room that is entirely dedicated to me getting ready. Yes, I have my very own dressing room.

For a 23 year old girl, having your own dressing room is the absolute dream. I have all of my clothes laid out exactly how I want to, without them being crushed and all my make-up is ready to go and laid out and not hidden away.

The Blank Canvas

I say a blank canvas, but in reality, the room was a state. A bright red wall, no carpet or flooring, just bare wood and a very dirty window. I definitely had my work cut out for me.

In my head, I knew exactly how I wanted it to look: very bright, very minimalistic and very monochromatic. I had a strong idea of light greys and whites throughout with a feature colour of copper or rose gold.

When I first started using it as my dressing room, i had my make-up sprawled out on an old coffee table and I had to sit on the floor. My clothes were thrown hap-hazardly on the floor in very vague piles and the entire place was dusty. Things had to change.

Getting the Basics Right

I knew I had to get everything cleaned up and with a base colour. So I bought sugar soap, disinfectant and sandpaper. All the walls, skirting boards and window frames got scrubbed down with the quality sugar soap, the mouldy window frame was disinfected and the walls were sanded down to make a nice surface for the paint to stick to.

Next I just bought some quality but affordable wall paint from Wilkos. They do very handy tester tubs for around £1.50 which I used to paint a fairly vast area. After allowing it to dry, I had a better idea of the actual colour. I went for a matte purple-grey that really brightened the room up and it was a great cover over the red. The skirting boards and window sill was done in a pure white gloss and the radiator had to be completely scrubbed down and repainted too.

The Perfect Furniture

I knew that I wanted a beautiful dressing table to be able to get ready at and I decided to buy it off ebay. I say I bought it, but my partner donated generously to the cause. IT’s a classic style in matte white and is the perfect centerpiece for my dressing room.

The rest of my furniture in there is also matte white, even if I had to paint my furniture! I gathered a bookcase, shelves and storage drawers and dotted them around the room.

All of my decorations are copper, which is exactly what I wanted. My candle holders, fairlights, picture frames and vases are all a nice warm copper which really helped to add a pop of colour while keeping it pretty monochromatic.

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