How to Train Your Naughty Puppy
Dogs , Lifestyle / 14th February 2018

Both of my dogs were rescues from the kennels near to where I live. They were not puppies when we adopted them, they were full grown dogs and had picked up a lot of bad habits from their previous owners or from lack of discipline. Bear in mind that both of our dogs are bully breeds, we have a Staffordshire Bull Terrier and an American Bulldog and those breeds are known to be big and boisterous dogs. Discipline is essential in raising these types of dogs and if it is not appropriately applied then the breeds have the potential to live up to their undeserved reputation. Juda Juda was actually adopted by my partner nearly four years ago as quite a young dog and he had a fear of walking outside and my partner and his brother, with the best intentions, pandered to this fear and so took him on minimal walks. When I moved in, I took it upon myself to try and enforce a change as Juda’s weight was starting to become an issue. He wasn’t keen on the walks at first, his tail was between his legs and every so often he would just stop walking and…

Adopting A Rescue Dog
Dogs , Lifestyle / 26th March 2017

I have always wanted a dog. Every birthday and every Christmas, I would sneak ‘puppy’ onto my list in the vain hope that my parents would have magically changed their mind about their strict no dogs rule. We had a couple of cats for a little while, rodents were a common pet for a bit and I was permitted to have a snake and a lizard, but dogs were always out of the question. When I moved to Liverpool for university, I promised myself that I would get a dog, but it never materialised due to being so busy. And then, I met my current partner. He had adopted a Staffordshire Bull Terrier about a year after I met him (we weren’t together at the time) and whenever I visited, I loved that this beefy dog was so loving and so gentle. IT definitely enforced my philosophy of ‘adopt, don’t shop’ and I knew that when the time came, I too would be adopting and not buying a puppy. Fast forward to last year, I was living with my partner and his rescue dog and we decided that the time was right to bring another four-legged friend into our home….