Alternative Bonding Activities for the Modern Couple

30th October 2017

Being a millenial is hard, a big part of the shift in attitudes is with regards to relationships. Many people have been turned off monogamy and it’s really starting to affect how our generation is growing up.

With that being said, I’m very lucky to have met a partner who is going against the grain of our generation and is very happy with me and just me.

We do have to mix things up occasionally though to keep things interesting and we’ve done our fair share of weird and wonderful date nights to try out new things and do something a bit different.

Here are some of the alternative ways that we’ve bonded, something a little different than your standard cinema and food night out.

Perfect Match Quiz

This was actually something we did for the last Valentine’s Day. We basically both wrote down a load of questions about ourselves or our relation or our lives with multiple choice answers.

Then we each took turns to ask, both of us wrote down an answer and when the time was up, the answerer then revealed what they wrote to see if it would match up! We also turned this into a drinking game so if you got the answer wrong, you would have to drink, and if you got it right, the person asking the question had to drink.

Video Games

Video games are actually a really great bonding experience for couples! I was really apprehensive at first because I am 100% not a gamer girl in any way shape or form and I lack some of the necessary skills to be good at them in any way.

But my partner was very patient when teaching me and we worked together as a team to complete Borderlands 2 The Handsome Collection.

It was so much fun and we are both obsessed with it now! I am actually the one always asking to turn the PlayStation on so we can play!


This one was super fun but also super tiring! So we went to a trampoline park at the weekend once because everyone in Liverpool had been raving about it for so long. We got there and there were just so many kids. Like, we were the only people over the age of about 12.

There were about 42 mini trampolines, all connected and you could jump between them. There was also a long trampoline that ran up to a basketball hoop and a dodgeball court that was all bounce and no beating.

It was great, but trust me, it is a WORK OUT. We are a fairly fit couple and even we were sweating 15 minutes in.

Whatever it s you decide to to to bond alternatively with your partner, make sure you try anything once. You never know, you could find the perfect activity that is great for you both and you never would have tried it if you didn’t push yourself to give it a go.

How do you and your partner bond? Keep it clean!

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