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20th November 2016

Hey, a girl’s gotta make a side hustle somehow!

I’ve worked with plenty of business in the past to provide advertising space and guest posts to improve their exposure and provide ad placement in front of a sizeable, engaged audience.

Fancy joining some big name brands and having a slot on my advertising carousel?

Online marketing is big. I know because it’s the field I currently work in and our whole client base is rooted in getting word out on the internet. It’s hard, and time consuming, but the results are unparalleled and are the only way to go if you want your business to thrive and being to blossom. Even big name brands invest serious money into making sure the internet know who they are, why not join them?

If you think your business will appeal to the audience of Pretty Social then get in touch and we’ll talk about advertising opportunities and deals that will work for you. I’m flexible here, I’m just trying to make enough to keep this blog going so I can continue doing what I love.

For most businesses, advertising on blogs and in the general blogosphere makes perfect sense. You get to reach an audience that you’re intending to target, you get your name on plenty of web pages and CTRs are higher than pop up ads and mailshots. Businesses choose to advertise on blogs because they’re working with real people that have a real audience. You could be one of these smart businesses!

What Advertising Options Does Pretty Social offer?


Like I’ve said. I’m flexible. I’m open to any and all discussions on advertising arrangement. Here’s just a sample of what has been arrange in the past:

  • Sidebar advertisements
  • Header banners
  • Footer placements
  • Guest Posts
  • Product Reviews
  • Social shout outs with link
  • Customised widget
  • Affiliate links

But, if you have anything else in mind, please don’t hesitate to get in touch to ask. Prices are competitive and guaranteed cheaper than going to an ad agency.

Affiliate links are a tricky thing to get right, but I’m open to working this out with you to benefit the both of us the most positively. These may take a little longer to set up, but all other advertisements can be live and on the blog within a matter of hours.

advertise with me

All it takes is a little message to begin a relationship that can benefit you and your business. I love the brands that I work with and I’ve been blown away by some of the services I’ve been asked to review/advertise. I think everyone needs a chance and I’m open to looking at all sorts of businesses and brands who would like to work with me.

After all – you gotta try everything once! How boring would life be if you pigeon-holed yourself into only promoting and believing in the names that you’ve heard about for years?

Use my Contact Me page to get in touch and I’ll pick up the email as soon as possible every time.

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