Adopting A Rescue Dog
Dogs , Lifestyle / 26th March 2017

I have always wanted a dog. Every birthday and every Christmas, I would sneak ‘puppy’ onto my list in the vain hope that my parents would have magically changed their mind about their strict no dogs rule. We had a couple of cats for a little while, rodents were a common pet for a bit and I was permitted to have a snake and a lizard, but dogs were always out of the question. When I moved to Liverpool for university, I promised myself that I would get a dog, but it never materialised due to being so busy. And then, I met my current partner. He had adopted a Staffordshire Bull Terrier about a year after I met him (we weren’t together at the time) and whenever I visited, I loved that this beefy dog was so loving and so gentle. IT definitely enforced my philosophy of ‘adopt, don’t shop’ and I knew that when the time came, I too would be adopting and not buying a puppy. Fast forward to last year, I was living with my partner and his rescue dog and we decided that the time was right to bring another four-legged friend into our home….